Monday, March 28, 2011

What else did I have to tell you???

My 19th Birthday

The subject is pretty much how I start most conversations. My memory, she ain't what she used to be. Moving on...

I am starting everyone’s character descriptions* and in doing so I am going back through old emails. If you and I ever emailed about anything I probably still have it. Right now I am reading an email from May 22, 2002. Lynnfield, represent. It wasn’t even a mass email like back in the day, it was a personal one. Ridiculous.

And I have been kind of reluctant to go back and reread this stuff for obvious reasons. I have detailed accounts via email of:

The first time I ever had sex. The first time I ever got wasted at a casino. My worst hangover to date. The night before my worst hangover to date. The debacle that was my 19th birthday (a story that I honestly cannot wait to tell). Every drunk story of every friend I have ever had. Every maddening trait of every annoying co-worker that I have ever worked with (not you guys, you guys are cool). Every trip I have ever taken. Every funny/ ridiculous/ sad/ upsetting/ abnormal/ thing I have ever done or been witness to has been documented for about the last ten years (not hyperbole).  

Anyway here is a very small excerpt that I found that had me ROFLMAO as all the cool kids say. I am still kind of laughing about it. This was a reply (what would be known of today as a “comment” that no one ever leaves, I always reply back!) to me from emails I sent out.

“I didn’t know people called you Medusa. It’s like a synonym for evil bitch.”

So there you go. I chuckled. That may or may not give you an idea what is coming? I doubt it.

Some of it is hard to read to say the least. I honestly have a hard time remembering that girl and but I will tell you one thing, that bitch was fucking hilarious! But anyway, I knew one day I would need them and I need them now so hurray for me for hoarding the bullshit I spew in paper form in 5" binders that I stole from my previous employer (in my defense, none of them were new).

Oh and I am about a month sober! Excuse me while I pat myself on the back. I am doing pretty well. It isn’t all that difficult just yet. I could still chug a beer easily and I would have a bottle of wine down in about 45 minutes but I am doing okay, if anyone was wondering.

I think that is all I have for now. Oh I did not lose 10 lbs by the time I got my hair done. But I did lose like six and I will take it. You will hear no complaints from me.

If anyone would like to sign up to have each blog emailed directly, email here.

*I am doing character descriptions of a good number of people as a writing exercise. If you can describe in detail the people that you know, you can probably describe a character so yeah. This is my first honest foray in moving forward with writing fiction so yay me. I wasn’t going to mention it on the blog but I have had an overwhelmingly positive response from most people about it and they were happy to let me blog about it so, so yeah. They are going to take a while. Don’t get your hopes up any time soon. But I want to say now that I really appreciate everyone being a good sport about this. You guys are cool in my book.


The Mean Beene said...

I love that picture so hard.

Sometimes I go back and read stuff we all wrote each other and I can't believe I was so funny/mean. I am pretty proud for being able to come up with sarcastic shit when I was young and dumb.

Stacey Garrett said...

That picture is hanging up in my room. I need to make copies for everyone. I may already have copies for everyone.

Yes I can say without a doubt that I was mean as shit. Not that I am not now, but shit. I am one honest dickhead. It's kind of alarming to read at first.

Holly said...

I am excited and nervous about this series. Ha. Your 19th birthday was a day that will forever live in infamy.

I love that picture, too. Mostly because I am skinny but also becuase we are all wearing animal print. Awesome.

Holly said...


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